2010 in a nutshell

2010 was a year of changes and challenges: I quit my job at the University of Toronto, got pregnant, moved from Toronto to Victoria, and became a full-time student. Although these last months were tough, the year was awesome, and it’s worth highlighting the best of it:

  • Planning and facilitating the workshops for the Leadership Educators and Resources Network. Working with such talented and cool colleagues was a real gift!
  • The Environmental Justice and Sustainability Unconference where students, professors, administrators, and community members got together to talk about food justice, environmental justice, and sustainability on campus.
  • Eating at the Hot Yam! on a sunny Thursday, sharing a delicious meal and a good conversation with friends and colleagues (Oh, I love the Hot Yam!).
  • Fully enjoying my office space at the Sussex Clubhouse. One of the best spaces at the University of Toronto (I had a balcony…).
  • Zumba with the girls.
  • Riding my bike while singing “she rides on her bicycle…”
  • The drumming circle on the lawn of the Centre for International Experience.
  • Running 10K and beating last year’s record.
  • The G20 (don’t get me wrong, the sense of community after all what happened and meeting USWA miners were very meaningful experiences. Plus, I learned a lot about activism!).
  • Chilling at Prospect Park with my nephew.
  • Playing Rockband.
  • Breakfast with the girls.
  • Working on the SASA Leadership Development Knowledge Community (more to come in 2011!).
  • Using my female superpower: creating life.
  • Food: Roti, Dosas and Sticky Toffee Pudding.
  • Traveling with Mushi (the cat) on the plane.
  • Becoming a pseudo-expert on Freire, learning about bell hooks, discourse and intersectionality.
  • Feeling so proud of my partner, who finished his PhD.
  • Learning about Complex Adaptive Systems. We can’t control change!
  • Unleashing my creative spirit through the Power of Hope.
  • Yoga at the Mothering Touch.
  • Adopting the east side of the Springridge Commons Permaculture Garden in Fernwood (how did this happen?).
  • The snow on my birthday (my class was canceled!).
  • Mexico, Guanajuato, the food, the hugs and the kisses.
  • Feeling life inside my womb.

And overall, the best of life is to share it with loving friends and family, regardless of the distance. We love you!  Happy 2011!

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  1. Happy New Year to you and Jorge. This new year will be filled with many more adventures, especially after your little darling is born!!!! We are so happy for you. Peace,

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