Talking about systems

I have been writing a lot at Deliberate Practice but haven’t had a chance to add more ideas to this space, mostly because I have been in “waiting mode”. Waiting for inspiration to write about my future academic work and waiting to hear about my application to the University of Victoria.  I was accepted to the Leadership Studies Program (WHICH IS SUPER EXCITING!). But I think there is still some process remaining to sure that Tec de Monterrey exists and that my transcripts are real. So I’m still waiting…

But this post is not about the application process, it is about a blog that a friend shared with me:  Talking about systems

I got quite excited about the possibility of becoming literate in systems and understanding a bit more how effect change. Here are some things that fire my passion for going back to grad school:

1) Page 49 of the Exploring Leadership Book: It includes Chaos or Systems in the Summary of Leadership Approaches and it mentions lack of research as one of the major criticisms of this approach.  I really want to contribute something of value to this area.

2) The many conversations that I have with my colleagues and with students who are very engaged in effecting social change. We always touch upon the understanding of systems, the interconnectedness, the complexity.

3) And today I felt so inspired by Linda Booth Sweeney’s blog and by her website. But mostly, I’m excited about the possibilities, about all the things I can learn and about the opportunities to contribute to my field.


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