A snapshot of an ambivalent mind

A while ago I had a moment of inspiration and wrote the following on a scrap piece of paper:

Together we are stronger than we are alone


Ideas for research:

  • Social Innovation
  • Systems Thinking
  • Theatre-arts
  • Action-research
  • Communities in Mexico


  • Motivate to action/change
  • Empowerment
  • Being able to act/understand
  • To see what is missing from higher ed to real-life context (I think I meant the gap between theory and practice or real needs)

More specific ideas:

  1. Can the Leadership Identity Development Model be used to develop leadership identity in marginalized communities?
  2. Can the Social Change Model of Leadership Development be used to develop leadership in marginalized communities?
  3. Can theatre be used to address problems from a systems thinking perspective? Not just focusing on the characters’ problems, but in the systems that shape those beliefs, values, behaviours, etc.

On the other side of the piece of paper I draw a bubble with the word theatre in the middle and around it I wrote: higher education, organizations, corporations, high schools, non-profit, community, government. Below the diagram are two words: why? and connection.

I also have something on critical theory and dialectics but it’s not very legible. (This might have been something I wrote after having a conversation on Marx’s philosophy and how systems thinking is a model of the privileged ones…).

On a different piece of paper I had the following:

Theatre project in Mexico

  • Grant
  • Collaboration with an independent theatre group (I was really thinking of Luna Negra)
  • Input-Scenes based on social justice issues

Facilitate conversations at the end. Present these scenes to schools, businesses, etc. Record the impact.

Changing the world through theatre.

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